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Amount Offer Circle Validity
Rs 8.0 Airtel Rs. 8 Special Recharge 20 Local airtel to airtel Night Mins valid for 1 day ` Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai) 1.0
Rs 11.0 Airtel Rs. 11 Special Recharge 80 Local A2A Might Mins Free (11pm-8am) Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai) 15.0
Rs 16.0 Airtel Rs. 16 Special Recharge 250 Local A2A night mins Punjab 28.0
Rs 16.0 Airtel Rs.16 Special Recharge 250 night airtel mins free Haryana 1.0
Rs 16.0 Airtel Rs. 16 Special Recharge Local AtoA Night Calls (11PM to 6AM) @Re.1/20 mins Jammu & Kashmir 30.0
Rs 17.0 Airtel Rs. 17 Special Recharge local 250 a2a night mins Himachal Pradesh 14.0
Rs 19.0 Airtel Rs. 19 Special Recharge 190 Local Night A2A Mins West Bengal 5.0
Rs 19.0 Airtel Rs. 19 Special Recharge 190 Local Night A2A Mins for 5days from 11pm-6am Kolkata 5.0
Rs 21.0 Airtel Rs. 21 Special Recharge 450 Local Airtel to Airtel Night Minutes (11pm - 8 am) Mumbai 30.0
Rs 28.0 Airtel Rs. 28 Special Recharge 500 local Airtel night mins -11pm to 6am Jammu & Kashmir 7.0
Rs 31.0 Airtel Rs. 31 Special Recharge 325 Local airtel night minutes (11 PM - 6 AM) MP & Chattisgarh 21.0
Rs 31.0 Airtel Rs. 31 Special Recharge 300 Local airtel night mins (11pm-6am) UP(EAST) 30.0
Rs 34.0 Airtel Rs. 34 Special Recharge 375 local A2A night mins (11pm-6am) Kerala 15.0
Rs 41.0 Airtel Rs. 41 Special Recharge 500 Local a2a night. After that calls @10p/min Punjab 14.0
Rs 56.0 Airtel Rs.56 Special Recharge 600 local night A2A min (10pm-8am) Haryana 56.0
Rs 57.0 Airtel Rs. 57 Special Recharge 1000 Local Night A2A mins valid from 11pm to 8am Gujarat 30.0
Rs 58.0 Airtel Rs. 58 Special Recharge 440 Local Airtel night mins Delhi & NCR 7.0
Rs 59.0 Airtel Rs.59 Special Recharge 600 night A2A local Mins - 8 weeks Haryana 56.0
Rs 65.0 Airtel Rs. 65 Special Recharge 750 Local A2A Night minutes (11pm to 6am) Jammu & Kashmir 28.0
Rs 68.0 Airtel Rs.68 Special Recharge 1500 Night Local Airtel Minutes Orissa 7.0
Rs 77.0 Airtel Rs. 77 Special Recharge 777 a2a local night minutes Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai) 30.0
Rs 86.0 Airtel Rs. 86 Special Recharge 7000 Local A2A Night Min Punjab 28.0
Rs 105.0 Airtel Rs. 105 Special Recharge 2000 Local A2A night mins (11pm-6am) Jammu & Kashmir 28.0
Rs 105.0 Airtel Rs.105 Special Recharge 1400 local airtel night mins free Haryana 3.0
Rs 108.0 Airtel Rs. 108 Special Recharge 1080 Local Airtel night Mins Delhi & NCR 28.0
Rs 148.0 Airtel Rs.148 Special Recharge 500 local min + 500 local R-R night min(11pm-6am) free Haryana 28.0
Rs 151.0 Airtel Rs. 151 Special Recharge unlimited local a2a night calls Maharashtra & Goa (except Mumbai) 30.0
Rs 151.0 Airtel Rs. 151 Special Recharge 2000 Local Airtel Night mins Delhi & NCR 28.0
Rs 299.0 Airtel Rs. 299 Special Recharge 5000 Local airtel Offpeak min valid between 11 PM and 6 PM Kolkata 30.0

Airtel Night Pack

Airtel Night Pack introduces Night calling pack to call any local Airtel number in low call rates between 11pm to 6am. The night packs comes very handy to the particular group of people who love chit chatting with their friends at night and this Night Pack Airtel is targetting that popular youth segment. With airtel night pack airtel customer can make very cheap night calls to local airtel mobile at night. Airtel's plan costs are different in different circles and comparetively costly. Airtel online recharge has introduced a night STD offer. Airtel STD calls can be made to any phone at Re. 1/- per call between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

Airtel Night Calling

Airtel also provides its users a varied range of offers to suit the users necessity. One of the most prominent offer is Airtel night packs to those specific users who call frequently during night hours. It also offers the user different option in Airtel night calling plan, plans like Airtel prepaid night plan for local users & Airtel night std offer for user who calling std number extensively. offers online recharge flatform for airtel night calling lovers. Airtel night plan is designed specifically for the users who have maximum calling during night hours with low pulse rate & CUG features with unlimited plans