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Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board Bill Payment

BWSSB Water Bill Payment Online

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Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board

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What are the advantages of water bill payment online?

Water is one of the necessities of life. It practically keeps us alive. So there is no argument whatsoever on the importance of consistent water availability to homes, offices, or workplaces. To ensure water availability consistency, you need to make bill payments on or before the due date. Bill payment used to be a tedious process in the past, as you had to rush to the bill payment center with the paperwork and other documents that are needed for the BWSSB online payment. It gets even more uncomfortable if you have forgotten about the payment or even remembered it at the last minute. Online bill payment came as a solution for all these problems. It was a boon to many customers, even more for elderly people who find it hard to reach the bill collection center and make the Kaveri water bill payment in person.

Water Bill Payment Online

Now, you can pay your monthly Bangalore water bill online via MobiKwik app. This user-friendly app ensures that even those not comfortable using mobiles can navigate it easily. Making the BWSSB online bill payment is now easier, as with only a few taps on your mobile device, your online wallet can transfer the necessary funds to clear your bill. MobiKwik does not let any third-party access your sensitive information, such as bank account-related details, phone number, consumer ID, etc. It offers three ways by which one can pay their online water bill payment Bangalore. Credit cards, debit cards, and online banking methods can be used for this purpose. With MobiKwik, your water bill payment becomes as simple as an online mobile recharge. With just a few taps, this online bill payment is made from the convenience of your smart device.

BWSSB Bill Payment

Water supply and treatment for domestic and industrial purposes is an important aspect of any government. In Bangalore, the BWSSB or Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board, addresses this function. Supplying water for the needs of Bangalore’s large population is done by the aid of the Cauvery River. Even in harsh summers, the water supply, though rationed, is assured to all the residents of the city.

What are the Benefits of Online Water Bill Payment?

Online BWSSB bill payment has many benefits. Here are a few of them:
Convenience and Ease:
  • You can organize your finances all at once by paying your bills online.
  • You can avoid all the paperwork that is required otherwise.
  • Anyone can quickly learn to make online BWSSB payment
  • It helps you avoid traveling to the Water Authority office for bill payments
  • You can make the BWSSB bill pay online from anywhere and anytime
Cashbacks and discounts:
  • You can use promo codes and receive discounts while making a water bill payment online Bangalore
  • MobiKwik provides several discounts and cashback while making an online Bangalore water bill payment
  • These rewards help you to save money on your bills.
Quick transactions:
  • You can make BWSSB water bill payment in a matter of seconds
  • The payment will be debited from your account and will be processed quickly
Saves time:
  • You can save a lot of time as the BWSSB payment water bill online is extremely quick.
  • The time spent traveling to the bill payment center to make payments can be utilized for other important things, as the BWSSB water bill online payment will be completed in a matter of minutes.
Helps you make payments on time:
  • Many payment applications have to set reminders to help you make the BWSSB bill pay on time.
  • You can set reminders to make payments before the deadline.
  • So, even if you were busy and forgot about it, these reminders will help you make your Bangalore water supply and sewerage board bill payment before the deadline.
  • When utilizing the right bill payment service, paying your water bill online is safe.
  • Choose a trusted Online payment service providing apps like MobiKwik for your BWSSB online quick pay
  • Online payment providers protect your data using password security, multistep identity verification, and encryption.


Technology has advanced rapidly. Online transactions are something that has become extremely popular. Online bill payments are definitely the easier and more convenient method for Water Bill Payments. Even the government is promoting online payment methods to become a cashless economy. Many people already make a BWSSB water bill payment online. Choose the right payment providers, and do not share your bank account details or other sensitive information.

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