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Novelty Finance Ltd Bill Payment

Novelty Finance Pvt Ltd Loan EMI Payment

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Novelty Finance Ltd

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Pay Novelty Finance Loan EMIs Instantly Using MobiKwik

MobiKwik offers an easy, safe and secure platform for you to pay your insurance and loan EMI payments. MobiKwik's interface is user-friendly and easy to use, even for beginners, so you can conveniently make your Novelty Finance Ltd Loan EMI Payment online from any location. MobiKwik also accepts a variety of payment methods and offers attractive rewards for repeat users, so you save money each time you make your Novelty Finance Loan EMI Payment using their platform.

Know the types of loans provided by Novelty Finance

Novelty Finance Ltd is a popular finance company that offers a variety of loans.
  • Commercial Vehicle Loans: - Novelty Finance Ltd offers commercial vehicle loans at competitive interest rates if you are looking for vehicle loans for your business. Their paperwork is simple, and their processing time is short, so you can quickly get a loan for your business.
  • Home loans: - Whether you want to buy your first house, construct your own house, or buy land for your house, Novelty Finance Ltd offers different home loans with attractive interest rates.
  • Personal Loans: - Emergency comes without warning. In case of a sudden need for funds, you can opt for personal loans from Novelty Finance Ltd. With an easy application process and simple documentation, you can quickly get your hands on the funds you need.
Novelty Finance Ltd also offers other loans like business loans, loans against property etc.

Flexible payment methods available for Novelty Finance loan EMIs on MobiKwik

One of the reasons why MobiKwik is so popular amongst its users is the flexibility the platform provides in terms of payment methods accepted. MobiKwik is compatible with multiple payment methods, so you can choose what suits you the best and make your Novelty Finance Loan EMI Payment online.
MobiKwik accepts the following modes of payment -
  • UPI and Wallets
  • Net Banking
  • MobiKwik ZIP - Pay Later
  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card

How to pay the Novelty Finance loan EMI payment online?

Below are the steps you need to follow to make your Novelty Finance EMI Payment via MobiKwik.
  • Go to the MobiKwik website or open the app.
  • Go to "Recharge & Bill Pay.".
  • Choose the 'EMI' option.
  • Choose "Novelty Finance Ltd: Loan Payment" from the dropdown menu of loan providers.
  • Give personal details like mobile number, loan-related information etc.
  • Hit "Go."
  • Your loan-related information will be displayed on the screen
  • Choose your preferred method of payment.
  • Enter your discount code (If you have any)
  • Complete the payment by clicking on the Payment tab.

Why choose MobiKwik for Novelty Finance loan EMI payment?

Here are a few benefits for choosing MobiKwik to make a Novelty Finance Loan EMI Payment online.
  • No additional charges- MobiKwik is absolutely transparent. You do not have to pay anything extra for using their platform and making your Novelty Finance Loan EMI payment.
  • Different payment methods accepted: MobiKwik is versatile and allows you a choice of multiple payment methods to pay your Novelty Finance Ltd loan EMIs. You could also take advantage of their ZIP Pay Later feature.
  • Secure transactions: MobiKwik encrypts all its transactions with the highest level of safety. Hence you do not have to worry about your money falling into the wrong hands when you are using their platform for making your Novelty Finance Loan EMI payment.
  • Rewards: MobiKwik offers a variety of rewards to its regular users in the form of discounts, cash backs and more.

About Novelty Finance Ltd

Novelty Finance Limited is classified as a non – governmental company and is registered with the Registrar of Companies, Chandigarh. It was incorporated in 2000 and is one of the leading disbursers of funding loans like personal loans, vehicle loans, business loans and more in Patran – Patiala.

Frequently Asked questions

Can I pay the loan EMI of the Novelty Finance loan through credit/ZIP pay?

Yes, you can use MobiKwik's ZIP pay later options to pay your Novelty Finance loan EMI.

What is the customer care number & customer support email id of Novelty Finance Ltd?

Phone number: - + 080543 91087Email:

Is it possible to change my EMI date to Novelty Finance loans?

It is recommended that you contact the customer care team of Novelty Finance Ltd, and they will guide you further regarding the same.

How to close the loan of Novelty Finance

You can speak to the customer care team of Novelty Finance Ltd or visit the branch closest to you. The team will help you out with the required procedures and documentation for the same.

Also, pay other Loan EMI Payment

In addition to making Novelty Finance Loan EMI Payment with MobiKwik, you can also make payments of loans from other service providers like ICICI Bank Loans, IDFC Bank Loans, Axis Bank Loans, Bajaj Auto Finance, Aditya Birla Capital, Annapurna Finance, and many more.

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