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The best reward for loyalty? Money.

Redeem your Payback Points at MobiKwik!

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What is Payback?

PAYBACK is India’s largest multi-brand loyalty program with 100+ online and offline partners and a member base of over 100 million. You earn PAYBACK Points from your day-to-day activities and then redeem them for exciting rewards and maximize on your daily spends

Earn PAYBACK points through MobiKwik

Buy apparels or groceries, fuel your vehicle, book flights and hotels or simply shop online earn PAYBACK points for everything you do. Make seamless payments through MobiKwik across multiple partner platforms and earn points on each and every transaction.

Redeem PAYBACK points on MobiKwik

The points that you earn can be redeemed for various purposes like shopping, mobile recharges, etc. MobiKwik is the only place where you can convert your PAYBACK points into cash. Redeem your PAYBACK points on MobiKwik to earn wallet balance and use it to recharge your mobile, pay your bills and much more! You get Re. 1 for every 4 Payback points.

How to redeem Payback points at MobiKwik app?

Redeeming PAYBACK points on MobiKwik is as simple as the click of a button!

Follow the following steps to convert upto 400 points into cash in a calendar month:

Step 1

Visit ‘Wallet’ on the MobiKwik App

Step 2

Find Payback in the Points to Redeem Section

Step 3

Select your PAYBACK card, enter the required amount and voila!