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Date as of Aug 31, 2022

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Your money is safely invested via RBI-licensed peer-to-peer NBFCs

What is MobiKwik XTRA?

MobiKwik has launched this investment product in partnership with Lendbox, one of the largest and oldest P2P licensed NBFCs in India.

What is P2P Lending?

Peer to Peer(P2P) Lending is a technology platform which allows participants to lend and borrow money, cutting out the traditional bank in between.

With technology intervention and smart algorithms, P2P lending companies are able to give small ticket loans for shorter tenure to high creditworthiness borrowers. Investment of as small as Rs 1000 can be distributed to more than 100 borrowers with the use of technology hence diversifying risk. The interest income earned from borrowers are distributed back to investors.

What makes it a great investment?

  1. Supervision & Regulation

    Lendbox is governed by RBI and regularly audited. In addition, MobiKwik also supervises these investments.

  2. Proven Track Record

    Combined experience of 10+ years in digital lending.

  3. Stable and High returns

    Daily interest has been credited to investors and 100% of them have received 12% returns so far.

  4. Fully automated investment experience

    Zero manual intervention both in investments and while making withdrawals. Free to transact at your convenience.

How to get started?

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is MobiKwik Xtra?

    Xtra is an investment that offers you the opportunity to earn upto 12% p.a. by lending directly to creditworthy borrowers. This is done via an RBI-regulated peer to peer investing platform, Lendbox (Transactree Technologies Pvt Ltd)

  2. How will my money be deployed between different borrowers?

    Hundreds of data points of income and expense behavior are assessed before selecting borrowers to whom money will be lent. Investors’ funds will be split into chunks as small as Rs. 100 and distributed between lakhs of borrowers. This mitigates risk and diversifies investments.

  3. Who can invest in MobiKwik Xtra? Can NRIs invest?

    Any Indian above 18 years (resident or non-resident) or company with an active PAN Card and Indian bank account can invest with Lendbox. NRIs can also invest in Xtra via their NRO bank account.

  4. Is there a fee for investing in MobiKwik Xtra?

    No, Xtra does not charge any investment fee or commission for deposits or withdrawals.

  5. Which documents do I need to start investing in Xtra?

    If you have already completed KYC with MobiKwik, no extra documentation required. If not, you only need to perform PAN and Aadhar-based KYC to begin investing with Xtra.

  6. How much can I invest?

    You can start your investment with a minimum of Rs. 1000 and go upto Rs. 10 lakhs. If you want to increase your investment beyond Rs. 10 lakhs, reach out to us and our team will be happy to help you. As per RBI guidelines, for anyone investing above Rs. 10 lakhs, a net worth certificate will be required

  7. Will my earnings be compounded?

    Interest earned on your investments is not reinvested. Earnings are added on a daily basis to your account and are available to withdraw any time.

  8. Will I have to pay any fees for withdrawing my funds?

    No fees or charges are applicable for withdrawals.

  9. How long will it take for my withdrawal to reach my bank account?

    It may take up to 2 banking days for you to receive withdrawn funds in your bank account, Since we work with a P2P-NBFC partner, we are restricted by RBI regulations around flow of funds. Every transaction must be processed through trustee-regulated escrow accounts during banking hours. Rest assured that you will earn interest up until the day before funds are received in your account.

  10. Can I change the bank account where my withdrawals will be credited?

    Sure. Click withdraw, enter an amount, and select ‘Add a bank account’. We will verify your bank account details by depositing ₹1, after which your bank account will be successfully added.

  11. Are my earnings taxable? Will tax be deducted when I withdraw my earnings?

    Interest income earned is taxable as per your income’s tax slab and is classified under ‘Other income’. Tax will not be deducted at source, i.e., we will not deduct tax when you withdraw your money.

  12. What happens if any borrower does not repay? Are returns guaranteed?

    As per RBI guidelines for P2P-NBFCs, all P2P investments are unsecured and cannot be backed by collateral. MobiKwik and its RBI-regulated partners follow best-in-industry risk assessment practices to minimize the risk for its investors, however, returns are not guaranteed.