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How to earn up to 14% p.a. returns with MobiKwik Xtra

Whether you are an avid investor or new to investing, you know that it is all about growing your wealth by increasing your returns, while lowering the impact of risks

pocket upi

How is MobiKwik Pocket UPI different?

A power-packed UPI that stands out from other modes of digital payments, Pocket UPI is becoming the go-to payment option for the subcontinent. Many of you may wonder what Pocket

How UPI Ended The Great War

Remember the time when auto-wallas and the passengers got into a fight? It all started with a simple “Chhutta nai hai”, In those days we bought things unnecessarily just to

Track Your Hidden Treasure

If receiving your salary makes you smile, then checking up on your Provident Fund ought to do a lot more. Yet, more often than not, people tend to ignore it.

 How to Manage Finances Like A Pro

Figuring out finances can be tough, but don’t worry, we are here to help! While the new financial year has just begun, here are some epic tips to get yours

The Dot That Stopped The Indian Economy!

Imagine your investments hitting rock bottom. If the trusted stocks in your portfolio get devalued by 75%, how would you feel about it? Infuriated, of course! This is what happened

by fastag with mobikwik

How to Buy FASTag and Recharge it

How often do we realize the ease that FASTag have provided to our lives. No more diving into our wallets and bags to find the exact change to pay at


The Ultimate Guide on How to Change a UPI PIN?

When was the last time you updated your UPI PIN? Maybe a long time ago, but most of you have not considered it after entering the PIN for the first

Pocket UPI

What is Pocket UPI and How to Use it?

For digital payments, you either use UPI linked to bank accounts or linked to the wallet. The latter offers numerous benefits, including: Very often, wallets work on the same operator.

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