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10 Cool Things You Can Buy With MobiKwik Wallet

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Last week, in one of the brainstorming sessions with our research team we came up with the idea of writing about cool things our users can buy with MobiKwik wallet. Upon extensive research we came up with the following:

1.)  Website Domain: Get empowered! Now book your vanity domain name with GoDaddy and pay with MobiKwik wallet for a ‘Kwik’ checkout experience. And if you buy now, you can get one starting from just Rs. 189*. Let’s get you online.

MobiKwik GoDaddy

2.)  Comic Con India Tickets: If you think Comic Con India is only for nerds, you’re wrong. Comic Con India is the one and only comic convention in India that landed here from the western part of the globe. In fact, last year saw a great response for Comic Con India from people across the country. It’s happening in 4 cities this year, and you can book your tickets at BookMyShow.com. Pay with MobiKwik wallet and get 15% cashback on your Comic Con India tickets at BookMyShow. See you there!

Comic Con India

3.)  Astrology Predictions: This world would be a different place if we all knew our future, isn’t it? The ability to know your future is pretty cool and it may actually provide a path to lead a better life? At GaneshaSpeaks.com you can get detailed life predictions. Spend from your MobiKwik wallet and check what lies in the store for you.

MobiKwik GaneshaSpeaks

4.)  Customized Mobile Covers: You know the first iPhone 6 buyer in Australia dropped the device while he was live on air. Only a mobile cover could have saved his phone from the fall. Get the icing on the cake – A Customized Mobile Cover. Simply select your device on DailyObjects.com, upload the picture you would want your phone to sport and pay with MobiKwik Wallet.

MobiKwik DailyObjects

5.)  Picture Magnets: Transform your photos on Social Networks into personalised picture magnets, which can be used as you like. The InstaGrid Magnet System at picgravy.com cuts a single image into 9 individual magnets using which you can create puzzles or art collage. Talk about cool stuff, huh? Pay with MobiKwik wallet and flash the magnets to your guests!

MobiKwik PicGravy

6.)  Ride to Goa & Back: Goa is considered to be one of the coolest places in India and across the world. Haven’t been to Goa yet? No problem. Just go to redbus.in, select your destination as Goa, book tickets and pay with MobiKwik wallet. We have an offer running too – 5% Cashback. Go Goa Gone.

P.S. We don’t promote drinking and driving.

MobiKwik RedBus

7.)  Royal Enfield Accessories: These are for the passionate Royal Enfield lovers out there. Find a range of accessories on ebay.in and make them your own with MobiKwik wallet. Get 15% off on your Royal Enfield Accessories  purchase on eBay. Spend the money saved on your fuel needs.

Royal Enfield MobiKwik eBay

Image Source: eBay.in

8.)  Stoner Tees: Get a flat Rs. 200 off across bewakoof.com when you pay with MobiKwik wallet. Hum aapko bewakoof nahi bana rahe, check here:

Bewakoof.com MobiKwik

Image Source: Bewakoof.com

9.)  Belgium Chocolates: Your chocolate cravings need attention. Visit Dhamaal.com to find a range of Belgium chocolates. Pay with MobiKwik wallet to get exclusive 15% off on a minimum purchase of Rs. 399.

MobiKwik Dhamaal

Image Source: Dhamaal.com

10.)  Swiss Knife: Last but by no aspects the least. Get one of the world’s most useful tools in your pocket. From a screwdriver to being a simple key ring, a Swiss knife does it all for you. Get one from eBay and pay with your MobiKwik wallet to get 15% off on your order. No, having a Swiss knife is not dangerous, it’s just cool.

MobiKwik eBay

Image Source: eBay

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Comments (4):

  1. jvatnani

    October 19, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Great things to do with wallet…but I can’t…why??
    Bcoz my wallet is locked for past 2 days and reason gvn is suspicious transaction but I had just added 150 from my card and trf some 126 from my families Wallet, does these transactions act as suspicious.
    On top of it when I raised a support ticket I was said that we will get back to you by 18/10/2014..6pm. On which no one came back.This is utter harassment.

    Dear User, MobiKwik Support Alert Type:Ticket Status: Open Ticket No: 1396673 Created On: 17-10-2014 18:11:49 Category: Account

    What’s going on??

    • MobiKwik

      October 27, 2014 at 2:01 pm

      Hi. Thanks for your query. From our understanding, your ticket has been resolved and your account is back to active for usage. Also, one of our customer care executive is going to give you a call regarding the same.

  2. Rohit Shrivastava

    October 28, 2014 at 10:53 am

    All things are in one place thats nice

  3. Karan

    October 31, 2014 at 10:59 pm

    When shall i can expect 30% cashback on below order Date DescriptionCredit/Debit Amount 26/10/2014 12:28:38 hours Wallet Debit to tastykhana Transaction Id NE1HXMHA01 debit 216.


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