3 Ways to Recharge Your Phone with MobiKwik Wallet Instantly:

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 This post blog will tell you how easy it is and how exactly you can get your mobile balance recharged with MobiKwik in an instant:

1.) Website Recharge: Just go to your MobiKwik Dashboard at www.mobikwik.com, click ‘RECHARGE’ in front of the desired number to be recharged in Saved Connections, and fill in the desired amount and click Recharge. And there you go! Your phone is recharged in the blink of an eye.

Web Recharge

2.)    Mobile App Recharge: Open your MobiKwik Wallet App on your Android/iOS/Microsoft phone, click on prepaid, fill in your number and recharge amount. Click on recharge and it’s done! Less than 5 seconds is all it takes.

What else? You get MobiKwik App on iOS, Android and Windows phones.

MobiKwik App Screenshots

3.)    Text Recharge: Simply type a text message including “RC <amount> <number>” from your registered mobile number and send it across to 9211060000. Now that’s how you recharge on-the-go!

MobiKwik Text Recharge

And your recharge is done!

MobiKwik Text Recharge

P.S. Ensure you have sufficient funds in your Mobikwik Wallet before going for the Text message recharge.

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