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Demonetisation and its digital benefits

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We hear constant bickering about how demonetisation is such a pain. But just think about it for a few minutes, the whole idea of having a cashless society, however intimidating it may seem, is definitely a great one. We feel demonetisation is a great step towards empowering our country and here are some benefits that show how it is so-

Less on my purse, more on my digital wallet!

Now there’s no need to worry about stacking up my purse with liquid cash. You can always link my debit and credit cards to  MobiKwik to transact with ease.

Less cash, less fear!

You can now take any mode of public transport without the fear of being robbed of your hefty wallet. No more fear of pickpockets!

Forgot to pay your bill? Relax!

Several government agencies have become digital. Now with the click of a button, all your bills can be paid online. What’s more all your online accounts can be linked to MobiKwik.

Eco- conservation is the need of the hour

With fewer bills to print, we ensure that fewer trees are cut to make paper. We may not have the time to plant a sapling, but we can definitely stop cutting a tree by encouraging electronic commerce.

Long queues are a thing of the past

There’s a limit to the amount that can be withdrawn from an ATM. With more people moving on to digital banking, there’s no need to queue up in front of an ATM or bank.

Cashless cab rides

Now you don’t have to worry about carrying cash around for that sudden cab ride. Most digital wallets are linked online to cab providers too.

Book any ticket, anywhere

Flight, bus, movie tickets or even a hotel booking. You name it and you can have it. Thanks to digital banking and digital wallets, you can do all this sitting at home.

True Vs Fake:

In a cashless society, there’s no place for fake bills. Fake currency circuits will die down and benefit the country’s GDP.

Black or White?

We are not referring to Michael Jackson’s iconic hit here. Money which cannot be accounted for is hoarded by several rich people in the country. With digitalisation made official, there’s no place to hide black money.

Multiple account info

I don’t have to deal with the hassles of depending on a single account for all my electronic transfers. I can easily add money, transfer or pay any merchant or family member with the ease of a click.

Jai Jawan! Jai Kisan!

With fewer hoardings in the name of black money, more opportunities are created in every sector. The agricultural and farming industry will learn to adapt to modern technologies. Foreign-funded terrorist operations will come down significantly.

Limited cash, limitless opportunities!

When many people crib about limited cash available, it’s time to shift focus to the digital world.. We’ll definitely be left behind if we don’t follow suit and embrace these cashless transaction facilities.

Deal or No deal?

Now who doesn’t like a sweet offer? Digital wallet apps offer tempting deals every day which makes demonetisation a welcome change.

Link without a blink!

Transactions for several online companies can be made with the help of a single digital wallet. There are innumerable options available for instance; Mobikwik deals with more than one lakh merchants online.

Shop till your phone charge drops!

With fewer people visiting shops and more people opting the digital world, shopping is done quickly on the go.

MobiKwik is an online payment system where money can be stored digitally and used for a variety of purposes. Paying bills, booking tickets, buying merchandise, etc. are only a few of the many options available.

Demonetisation may hurt now but will definitely help the country in the long run.


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