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Gaining an expanding waistline while sitting at an office desk is the price we pay for earning a salary. In the long term, this is harmful to our health as the incidences of back and neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and decreased physical agility are increasing in younger people. With MobiKwik’s online medicine offers, joining the gym or getting a bi-annual health checkup won’t hurt your pocket at all!


Heal Thyself… The Cashless Way

Now you can use your MobiKwik e-wallet to buy medicines online with discount, and even get SuperCash when you visit partner hospitals across the country. As healthcare costs increase, let your MobiKwik account reward you for OPD visits and hospital stays with super cashback payments on each transaction. Get online medicine purchase discount when you use MobiKwik to order medicines online from renowned pharmacies and nutrition supplement makers.

However, being healthy is not simply about recovering from an illness, it is also about maintaining a healthy lifestyle and monitoring your health. Any time you need tests done, whip out your MobiKwik app at leading pathological labs to earn attractive super cashbacks—your annual health check up will help detect and fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure. Looking to join a gym or yoga class? Paying for your membership using your MobiKwik e-wallet will provide you instant discounts and SuperCash. Now isn’t that a deal!

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