How Brands like Mobikwik transform India

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Upasana Taku, Co-Founder of MobiKwik, gave a stirring speech at the widely acclaimed Goa Fest’17 yesterday in Goa. Her speech shook up the attending marketing and advertising fraternity and gave them an insight into how successful Indian and global brands have changed to become relevant to the evolving consumer whose demands and needs have simply kept changing with every passing year.

She mesmerized the audience with case studies on brands which have kept pace with changing consumer psyche. Right from the way we shop and buy groceries to the way we travel, we always prefer the brand we strongly relate to. She gave numerous case studies like evolution of social media preferences from Whatsapp to Snapchat, buying travel tickets from MakeMyTrip to IRCTC to MobiKwik and to the way we buy clothes from Jabong to Pantaloons and Myntra. In short, the Indian consumers have been choosy and picky in satisfying their evolving needs.
In her speech, she had a special mention for PM Modi’s demonetization initiative and said that Nov’8th 2016 forever changed the way Indians transact with their money and introduced the concept of cashless India which heralded the arrival of a new-age brand called MobiKwik. She added that, MobiKwik offered a refreshing digital payment choice to the Indian consumer who was frankly considered just another entity by Indian banks. She highlighted that the financial evolution was almost complete starting from the humble passbook to debit cards to online payments to finally payments through MobiKwik.
The astute and illustrious audience lauded her every word and she left them wanting more.

Here is a quick look at the talk points she presented in the session –
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