ISD packs for Uninor users in Andhra Pradesh

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International calling rates has always been a concern for most of the leading cellular services in the Indian regime. Uninor has come up with its own ISD calling packs to deal with the issue.

Today, millions of Indians are settled in the other parts of the world. Not a single in the globe is devoid of the tinge of Indian population. Also, there are a few countries in the world which have a huge bulk of the Indian Diaspora and are still growing. Countries like USA, Canada, UK, New Zealand and the Gulf countries are the major Indian populated regions of the world. Almost every other person in the Indian sub continent has his/her loved ones residing in at least one of these countries. Calling and talking to them over the phone has long been an issue for most of the people in this country as the calling rates were quite high. Uninor has come up with some affordable ISD calling packs for all its users in Andhra Pradesh.

The Uninor Rs.29 Special Pack offers ISD calls at Rs. 1.99 per minute to Canada, USA and UK (fixed). The pack is valid for a month. It also offers ISD calls to fixed telephone connections in New Zealand, and Australia at Rs. 2.99 per minute.

Then comes the Uninor Rs.31 Special pack which offers ISD calls to all the Gulf countries at Rs. 6.99 per minute for a month. Now, you don’t have to crib for more when you have so much time to spend with your loved ones. The Uninor Rs.69 ISD Pack provides 30 minutes of free ISD calls to US and Canada at UP east.

Finally, the Uninor Rs.79 ISD Pack gives 30 minutes of calls to countries like Singapore, Malaysia and the Gulf countries. Both these packs are valid for a month.

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