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It’s Food o’clock-Treat yourself with some delicious food!

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Free Food?

Ok, I’ll come.

For sure, a mouth watering meal is what can make our day go from gloom to bliss in no time!

And there comes the festive season yet again in which our taste buds shouldn’t go for a toss. So, why not binge on some delicious sweets and lip-smacking food? Here’s a list of some mouth-watering dishes which one shouldn’t miss this festive season!

1.       Gujiya

Here’s your Holi plan! Your Holi would never be complete without this ‘Holi Special’ sweet. This stuffed dumpling should be the first one to occupy space in your dessert menu for Holi. Stuffed with dry fruits and sweetened khoya, this sweet is not worth a miss!

2.       Ras Malai

Do you know what exactly does Ras Malai mean? Well, the dish has been derived from two Bengali words, that is, ros (which means juice) and malai (which means cream). And what could be more enticing than this Bengali sweet? So, give a shot to this delicious sweet and let your guests sing praises of you!

3.       Kesari Malai Peda

We all must have heard of Peda, right? But here comes the delectable Kesari Malai Peda with a soft covering of Kesar and cream to play with our taste buds. This mouth-watering dish should surely be a part of your dessert list. So, don’t give it a miss!

4.       Dahi Vada

Wouldn’t a white dish sprinkled with some chaat masala, black pepper and boondi complement your white clothes drenched in the hues of red and green? This is surely the ‘perfect festive dish’ which can pacify your hungry bellies!

5.       Lassi

This evergreen drink will surely suit your Festive menu as well! Available in two flavors, be it salty or sweet, this drink will surely be a must to satisfy our thirsty throats!

All set for the Festive Party? Satisfy your cravings and order these dishes online now!

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