Make room for Durex in your wallet

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At MobiKwik, we’ve made sure you never need to carry cash in your wallet. But, if there is one item for which we’ll happily make space for, and carry a wallet for, it is Durex condoms. They have no virtual substitute—either in protection or in pleasure. And when things are steaming up, there’s no other partner we’d reach out to.

Takes Two To Tango

Which is why we’re happy to bring you the news of our newest bedfellows—Durex condoms. Like Durex, using the MobiKwik app is a no fuss, no mess proposition. Also, MobiKwik’s protection of your e-wallet is as strong as the ‘no spill, no regrets’ promise of Durex. Plus, (don’t kill us for the joke) you just need one hand to operate both. They’re both available and ready to go at your fingertips!

Kidding aside, let’s open up the conversation about sex. It’s the one area in your life where you need as many safeguards as your finances. For more fun and games, look to our social media handles for the launch of the partnership with our naughtiest playmate and the hashtag #NaughtyWallet. Let’s get it on, guys!


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