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Mobikwik App: App on and Relax!

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mobiThe age of smartphones is up and kicking! So, why should you turn your desktop/laptop on when you can work et al on your smartphone. Mobikwik.com understood this problem that people generally face and to cater to it, they released their smartphone app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone so that by the time your PC will boot, you will be done by recharging your phone, paying your landline phone’s bill, recharging DTH and etc. Mobikwik.com saves your time and as they say time is money, so the Mobikwik app saves your money!

The Mobikwik app is one quick and secure way to recharge your phone with no extra service fees. You can recharge your mobile phone, DTH, data cards, pay your mobile phone bills, landline bills, electricity bills, gas bill payments and even LIC payments.

Also, Mobikwik recharging is compatible with all the major credit, debit cards and net banking. So, there is no need to step out in the scorching heat or when it’s raining cats and dogs when you can do it at your comfy place without even turning your PC on. The Mobikwik app also suggests you the best plans for your phone as per your requirements so that you may recharge smart with the Mobikwik App!

The Mobikwik mobile app is fast and light on your mobile phone. And, due to low bandwidth consumption it works very well on 3G as well as on 2G connections. All you need to do is to park money into your MobiKwik wallet and that’s it! You are ready to make simple, fast, hassle free payments without hopping between merchants, payment gateways, banks and then back. Just click and pay!

You can also help your dear ones with mobikwik app as with this app you can directly pick contacts from contact list and recharge their mobile phones as well in no time. Apart from that, you can also use SMS to pay after updating your Mobikwik Wallet.

Mobikwik app is available for-



Windows Phone

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