MobiKwik Co-founder & CFO Receives ‘Unstoppable Icon’ Award by CNBC-TV18

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This is exciting, our Co-founder and CFO, Upasana Taku, just got awarded by CNBC-TV18! Wondering, what is the excitement all about?

Well, her continuous contribution to the field of financial services was recognised by ‘The Women’s Collective’, which is CNBC-TV18’s initiative to chart a path to make gender parity an inevitable reality. Under its program called – #FutureFemaleForward, she was felicitated with the ‘Unstoppable Icon’ award and recognised as India’s Leading Tech Founder & one of the Top 15 Richest Self-made Women in India. 

Setting benchmarks and breaking social barriers, this award is not only another step for Upasana toward her recognised career but a giant leap for the women fraternity out there.

As a Co-founder and CFO of MobiKwik which she built from scratch, her work speaks volumes of how women are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to, erasing the limitations defined by society.

Receiving the ‘Unstoppable Icon’ award, Upasana spoke of how women handle the most tedious and complicated tasks with perfection and ease, how they come out of horrible environments and become custodians of the cause.

Compared to these circumstances, she believes that building a business is rather simple.  She further talked about the societal norms challenging her, considering women inferior and terrible at finance, and how she has been steering a finance company successfully for the last 14 years, and getting ready for IPO in the upcoming months.

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