MobiKwik’s CEO shared his Vision to all the employees in a unique town hall

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Our  first Town Hall of 2017 kicked off on May 3rd with much fanfare and expectation. Employees  eagerly tuned in and hung onto every word spoken by Bipin Preet Singh (CEO), so much so that it exceeded the scheduled time since many employees raised relevant Questions and sought clarifications from Bipin.

It was truly interactive with full participation from many employees who quizzed our CEO on a cross section of topics ranging from routine HR issues to more strategic topics like how to outsmart our competition and how to stay ahead of the race?

CEO Bipin Preet Singh engaged the enthusiastic employees by giving his vision of the company. He went to great lengths to explain ‘Mobikwik’s DNA culture’ which is;

  1. A bias for action,
  2. Professionals who are self-driven,
  3. Who have passion for growth,
  4. Combining speed and collaboration and finally
  5. Develop a process driven culture.

He elaborated that execution is key for success and flawless execution is the winning edge Mobikwikians should possess. Infact, he quoted a senior Google leader, who said that, all employees irrespective of their position should focus on strong execution and infact through many such executions, the employees will gain the trust and grow into larger roles where they will be entrusted with bigger tasks and requirements.  Infact, this is an important skill-set which all employees should quickly develop and cultivate.

Finally the whole session ended in a jovial note and all of us agreed that these “Town Hall” sessions should be a monthly affairs.



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