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Reliance GSM 3G Packs for Delhi-NCR

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The Reliance GSM packs have been one of their first kinds after launching the cellular services in the Indian sub-continent. Reliance is still considered to be the best mobile network service provider all over India. The prepaid recharge offers designed by Reliance are always directed to reach the remotest corners of the country. This is the sole reason for the popularity of the Reliance prepaid recharge offers. Reliance GSM packs are now ready to launch their new Reliance 3G packs in order to meet the needs of the changing scenario of connectivity in the Indian sub-continent. Two new Reliance 3G packs are onboard and are all set to give an extra edge to its customers.

The new Reliance GSM recharge plan of Rs. 96 offers  125 MB of free data usage to all the Reliance 3G customers for 7 days. 3G has become a necessity for every individual in the country who believes in being updated for each and every second.

The next Reliance 3G pack is the Rs. 97 Special Recharge 3G Plan which will offer 100 MB of free data usage for a month or 30 days. For those who did not taste the speed of a Reliance 3G connection, this pack will be an introduction to the extremely fast 3G world.

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