Special CDMA packs for Reliance subscribers in Andhra Pradesh

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Reliance special CDMA packs for its Andhra Pradesh users will allow the users choose from some more choices.

Reliance has long been the most customer friendly cellular service in the entire Indian sub-continent. Probably It has been the first such cellular service which actually catered to all the classes of this multicultural society. It is the oldest cellular service in the country. It is always good to know that there’s one such cellular service which has tried to hold on to its older instincts of customer service till today. Fluctuations in network services have always been great embarrassments for most of the network service providers, but Reliance has always been on its toes to provide necessary answers to all the queries regarding its deficit in the services. As far as Reliance CDMA service is concerned, it has provided an impeccable service to all its users. For people who are in love with its CDMA services, they have a better reason to celebrate now.

The special Reliance CDMA packs for the Andhra Pradesh users comes with some of the most attractive and the most convincing talktime plans. The Rs. 490 Reliance CDMA special pack for Andhra Pradesh offers 1500 minutes of free calls to any Reliance Mobile anywhere in India for 30 days. You never asked for that much, but you would also not be happy if you were given less than that! Also, the special Reliance CDMA pack of Rs. 599 for the Andhra Pradesh users gives free Reliance to Reliance local calls, free Reliance to other network local calls, free Reliance to Reliance STD calls and also free Reliance to other network STD calls for a month. So much in just one pack, well that’s how Reliance has been able to keep its promise with its customers!

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