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Special Packs from Vodafone for its Andhra Pradesh users

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Vodafone special pack for Andhra Pradesh promises to be a hit among the Vodafone  subscribers in the state.

These days, films from the southern part of the Indian sub-continent are popularizing the world of entertainment. Action and emotion mixed with different flavors of drama have become the winning formula for most of the filmmakers in this part of the world. Since every film reflects the typical lifestyle of the South Indians, there is a lot to talk about the films for the people. The special calling packs introduced by Vodafone for its users in Andhra Pradesh are sure to rule the box office of life for the people of the state.

Vodafone special pack of Rs. 11 provides calls to local Vodafone numbers at 20 paisa per minute for seven days. This is really special for people who suddenly get into the mood of sharing something really exciting with their friends. Well, Rajinikanth can’t be an exception. Moving on, Vodafone special pack for just Rs. 22 gives local Vodafone calls at 10 paisa per minute for a week. For people with an elevated level of excitement, nothing can get better than this. Then there is Vodafone special pack of Rs. 25 one which gives 200 minutes of free talktime minutes for all local Vodafone calls from 11am to 8am. All this for just Rs. 25 and the pack is valid for 15 days. The Vodafone special packs for Andhra Pradesh Vodafone users have been specially designed to give the people of the state an exclusive feeling!

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