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Synchronous Online Recharge – best way to recharge your cell

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Mobikwik.com is the only website which offers “Synchronous” online Recharge through web. A synchronous mobile recharge means you get confirmation of recharge when you click the Recharge Now button on mobikwik website. All other websites offer “Asynchronous” Online Prepaid recharge, which means the recharge is triggered at their end based on payment done by the consumer.

In case of asynchronous recharge, once payment is done and recharge failed due to some reason, there is no option to retry except make a payment again and apply for refund for previous failed recharge. Refunds take long time ( sometimes up to weeks), and also user has no knowledge of why previous recharge failed.

How is “Synchronous” Online Recharge better?

It is better simply because user is in control and can retry if there is a problem. Synchronous recharge works only if the money paid by the consumer is first stored in an e-wallet. In case of mobikwik.com, the e-wallet is mobikwik balance. Lets say,

1) You made a payment and your mobikwik balance is now Rs 101.

2) Now, select a mobile number to recharge and amount ( lets say choose 101) to recharge and click on “Recharge Now” button on mobikwik.com.

3) If the recharge is successful, you get immediate confirmation on SMS and on web.

4) If recharge failed for some reason ( incorrect mobile number or invalid amount), you get the response directly from the operator on the web.

Lets say, if response from operator was “Invalid Recharge Amount“, this implies consumer can now change the amount to some other value like Rs 100 ( a standard denomination) and then click on “Recharge Now” button again. If the error was “Incorrect Operator” , it means consumer needs to change to operator associated with this number in “My Account” section and then try again. There can also be a scenario that a particular operator’s server is currently under maintenance, this case is also handled easily at mobikwik.com since user can try again after few minutes.

Synchronous Online Recharge reduces the failure rate of online recharge by a huge degree and gives consumer the confidence and awareness about pepaid online mobile recharge services.

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Comments (2):

  1. suhaila rahiman

    June 12, 2011 at 12:43 am

    ***Hi there, I already sent support ticket and emailed your support team. but i am yet to receive a response. so i am trying it here as it looks like there are human beings manning this blog. So here goes (i am copy-pasting the email to your support team)***

    Hello Sir,
    (Please note that I have also sent a support ticket via your website #15170)
    On June 6th, I made 2 payments to my mobikwik account as follows:
    Transac. ID ————–Amount (INR)
    13073671995780——- 1,000.00

    13073684596073 —— 1,000.00

    Today when I check my account, only Rs1,000 is being credited. Please check the transactions and update my account accordingly.

    You also asked for my personal ID proof, so i attach here my national identity card (NIRC). I am a malaysian by the way.

    I also want to know if all my credit card transaction will have to
    undergo manual verification in the future? That day, I tried using
    paypal, but is not available.

    Thank You

    ***Ok that's it. The proof of ID is of course attached in the email.
    Please respond.
    Sorry for out of topic reply. I can think of no other way to contact you guys*****

  2. Darshanh Bopardikar

    December 5, 2011 at 8:30 pm

    what d hell is dis, someone wnts to recharge his cell immediately due to some reason n u guys r playing wid his emotions by registering  here n der n after all dese things he gets nthing……….so disgusting n shameful to u alll


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