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Tata Docomo Super SMS Pack for Andhra Pradesh

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Tata Docomo Launches it’s Super SMS pack for Andhra Pradesh users.

Mobile telephony has been spreading at an alarming rate in India. Since its inception the process has been slow at initial periods and grew exponentially once a lot of companies came in the picture and a price war started. Since then there has been many types of schemes and promotions to lure the customer depending upon the usage patterns that is being followed or is the flavour of the month.

Of all competitions the states that were advanced in information technology or that had more external exposures were the ones to multiply their customer bases very rapidly and Andhra Pradesh was one of them. It had an IT friendly state infrastructure and so many companies flocked to start mobile connectivity there. Though TATA docomo came late it has been spreading network rapidly. To further augment their expansion they have recently launched some SMS oriented service packs on the eve of Independence Day; this is to facilitate bulk SMS sending to celebrate. TATA docomo topup for Rs.6 and pay 5p/SMS for all local/National SMS is a pack where the money paid is for getting a special discount on SMS.

TATA docomo Topup for Rs.11 and send all Local/National SMS at 1p/SMS is another scheme which is upgraded from the previous one and can be used by persons willing to send SMSs in a large quantity. TATA docomo Topup for Rs.88 and send all Local/National SMS at 1p/SMS is apparently a very bad scheme compared to the earlier scheme as it will be charging much more than that one but will provide the same SMS facility; the catch is that here the talk time will be much more than the earlier one and so completes the deal for someone who will SMS as well as call to wish Independence Day.

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