The mobile world changed today – Did you notice?

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At the Mobile World Congress 2010 today, there were 3 big announcements in the mobile industry which will *potentially* have far-reaching implications for the next few years. And yes, none of them have to do anything about Apple. 😀

1. Nokia and Intel merge their mobile Linux Operating Systems. Called MeeGo, this will power both Intel netbooks (Moblin) and Nokia smartphone platform (Maemo). Is this finally the converged mobile computer platform that pundits have predicted for over a decade?

2. Microsoft launches Windows Mobile 7 dubbed Windows Phone 7. Built on the Zune HD interface, Microsoft’s boldest attempt in the mobile phone space with major revisions in personalization, productivity and looks!

3. Symbian Foundation launches Symbian 3 , a major revision to their workhorse mobile platform. Symbian has had a chequered history, with Nokia acquiring the company and then spinning it off as an open source platform in response to Google’s Android.

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