Uninor GPRS packs for Bihar and Jharkhand users.

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The Uninor GPRS packs for the Bihar and Jharkhand users are here to add to the connectivity factor of the rural areas.

With smartphones and tabs ruling the human existence on the earth, staying connected with the world for each and every second is extremely necessary. We dare deny the importance of internet in our lives.

In order to bolster the optimum usage of internet through mobiles, Uninor has come up with its unique GPRS packs for its users in Jharkhand. This initiative will definitely add to the improved connectivity factor in the rural areas of the Indian sub-continent. The Uninor Rs. 5 Special pack provides 30 MB of free data usage to the users. With this, the users can surf the internet through their mobile phones for usual surfing. 30 MB of free data is a lot to use. Then comes the Uninor Special pack of Rs. 9 which gives 60 MB of free data usage to its users in Jharkhand. This pack is especially for people who want more net surfing on their mobile phones. Finally, there is the Uninor Special pack for Rs. 90 which gives a 6 GB of free data usage. You just don’t need to stop, keep surfing!

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