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Uninor Special calling packs for Karnataka users

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The special calling packs designed for the Uninor users in Karnataka comes with some of the best figures in affordable calling services in India.
The most embarrassing and the most irritating moment while in the phone is when the ‘alarm’ beep starts banging our ear drums reminding the mortal trait of our prepaid account balance. It seems as if someone has sarcastically reminded us of our so called ‘witty’ blabber that we had with our fifth grader friends. No one in the world would love talking to their loved ones by digging out their wallet empty.

Especially for people in the Indian sub-continent, if a cellular service fails to cater to the ‘adjustment’ trait of the country; its business would be doomed within a short span of time. ‘Getting more by paying less’ has been the sole principle of ruling the market for kinds of business enterprises in the country. Cellular services are no exception. Thus, Uninor has come with some special calling packs which are cheap and provide a huge bulk of talktime and longer validity.

First up is the Uninor Karnataka Rs.7 Special pack which charges 1 paisa only for each SMS to all Uninor numbers. For other networks in the state and other states, the pack charges 11 paisa per SMS. The pack is valid for a month. Next comes the Uninor Rs.11 Special pack which gives a user unlimited calling facility for a day to all Uninor numbers. No more stop watch work for the Uninor users all over the country. Finally, which gives local on net calls for free. For 30 days, the Uninor users can keep talking to their near and dear ones without the fear of losing it in the midway.

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