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Visit Mobikwik.com for Tata Sky Relocation .. Or not

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I know the post title sounds silly. We received this email via our ticketing system today. We were left smiling and yet a little bit scared on the overlap of customer expectations. As more and more folks use online services, perhaps the brand and service provider become indistinguishable?

“Dear Concern,
This issue is related to my Tata sky relocation. I have requested for relocation of my tata sky for atleast 6 to 7 times in last month & everybody has just been saying that we have taken your request on priority and will send the technicians in 2 to 3 days.Also like to add that i had also highlighted this issue to you seniors couple of times who promised that they will send the technicians on next day for which i took leave from my office believing them.
I choosed this tata sky dish hearing that the service is good but sorry to say it is not the case.So my sincere appeal to you is that kindly forward this issue to your seniors and promise me the final date of relocation or else just ask your people to take out our connection so that we can go for another dish service.
Subscriber ID:10*******
Mobile no: 90********
Name : Rohit ** Address – XYZ Appt, Near *** hospital, Uran karanja road”

PS – In this case , we have connected the customer to the Tata Sky concerned person and will be tracking closely how it plays out.

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