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Vodafone 3G packs for Delhi-NCR users

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With Vodafone 3G packs for the Delhi-NCR customers, this new set of Vodafone recharge offers are all set to provide an edge to its subscribers.

The Irresistible 3G Vodafone Recharge packs

Vodafone has come up with five new 3G packs for its subscribers in Delhi-NCR region. The Vodafone Rs. 100 Special 3G plan Recharge offers 100 MB of data usage. With 3G on your phone, you can surf internet with lightning speed. The pack is also available for use in Vodafone online recharge. Now you don’t have to stare for long at your computer screen while your video gets buffered on your personal computer. Recharge your Vodafone mobile accounts with this pack and set and get unbelievable speed in your mobile phone while surfing the internet. 100 MB data at 3G speed will be way more than you want. This pack is also available as a Vodafone online recharge pack and has been specially designed for those who consider internet as a part of their survival instincts.

The Bigger and Better Vodafone Recharge Offers

The second plan is the Vodafone Rs.375 Special 3G Plan Recharge which offers 512 MB Data Usage. For those who don’t want to miss the opportunity to go through the mails and find out their new job proposals at the click of a button. Watching and downloading your favorite video will become easier than ever before with Vodafone 3G. The next 3G plan is the Vodafone Rs.650 Special 3G Plan Recharge which will provide 1024 MB Data Usage. It’s time to play your favorite online games without any hiccups with Vodafone 3G. Finally, there is the Vodafone Rs.850 Special 3G Plan Recharge which will offer 3 GB Data Usage to its 3G users in Delhi-NCR. All these packs are also available as online Vodafone recharge packs.

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