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Why Movie Lovers Swear By MobiKwik!

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Movie theaters never run out of business. There’s always a group of teenagers bunking school, a couple on their first date or a movie critic with his exquisite taste in documentaries lurking at the ticket counter.

Whether there’s a typical Bollywood film like Kapoor & Sons or a deliberately planned thriller like Te3n, we’re always inclined to buy popcorn and sit in front of the big screen rather than wait for it to air on the television.

So, what’s new in that, you ask? Well, not much. Only, we thought of making your experience at the Cineplex a little more memorable. And a lot more economical!

Hence, we came up with a few tricks under our hats to let you enjoy a motion picture without spending too much on the ticket. As it is, platinum seats have their own repute of being high maintenance!

You must be familiar with the phrase ‘united we stand, divided we fall’. We’ve incorporated that in the practical world.

By pooling our resources together with BookMyShow, PVR Cinemas and JusTickets, we have found a way to reward our beloved customers. Once you’ve booked your show tickets using MobiKwik wallet from either of the three previously mentioned websites, we will give you cashback.

For more information regarding frugality in relation with theatricals, visit our website. We’re sure to give you more incentives to visit your nearest cinema hall.

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