5 Quirky Places To Get Your Recharges Done!

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We tweeted a few weeks about how useless your traditional wallet is. This got us thinking about how useless one’s phone becomes if it isn’t recharged or its bill’s paid on time. In fact, so important are the recharges, that regardless of where you might be, you must get the recharge done and keep the conversation going.

We, at MobiKwik, understand the ‘gravity’ of such situations, and thus, make it possible for you to recharge from the wackiest of places you can think of.

Here’s a list:

  1. Right outside your Door:
    Individual Post Pictures - Listicle-02Trying to sneak in, after a night-out with friends? Need to call younger bro to open the door, but you’re out of recharge? It’s cool, Houdini. MobiKwik to the rescue.
  2. On the Pot:
    Individual Post Pictures - Listicle-03The pot (not that kind, you guys!) and the peace of mind that comes with it are known to arouse the best and the craziest of ideas.Obviously, you want to build on that idea and read up on it. But, what happens when your 3G plan runs out? Keep the worry at bay, Einstein. MobiKwik to the rescue.
  3. Super Market:
    Individual Post Pictures - Listicle-04Being the responsible kid, and helping mom out with the groceries. That’s nice, but what if you forget that last thing on the list? Need to call mommy-dearest, but out of recharge? Why worry? MobiKwik to the rescue.
  4. On the Dinner Table:
    Individual Post Pictures - Listicle-01Moms always call us way before the dinner’s ready, right? Why not share that juicy bit of gossip you heard at lunch today, while you wait till eternity for the dinner. But, what’s this? Your SMS pack’s over? No worries. MobiKwik to the rescue.
  5. Gym:
    Individual Post Pictures - Listicle-05Killed it at the workout today, and outdid your own record of 5 push-ups? Also, gotta brag about the “muscles” to the buddies, right? What if your phone’s recharge isn’t as pumped as your biceps? Don’t worry, Schwarzenegger. MobiKwik to the rescue.So, there you have it. Any place, any time – if it is a recharge you want, MobiKwik is what you need.
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