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MobiKwik’s Game of Thrones Fix – Merchandise you Must Buy with your Wallet

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Still using that fat sloppy wallet? We feel worse for you, than we feel for Sansa. Swear by the Gods, old and new, you know less than Jon Snow.

Game of Thrones – Season 5 just ended, or should we say, ‘died’.

Here are a few things to keep you company till the next season’s up.

1. So, Jon Snow’s no more, or maybe not. But, he’s going nowhere if you have this mug. Drink to the glory of Night’s Watch! ;) Buy Now

2. You liked that character? George RR Martin says, “Aaawwww”. Here’s the perfect T-shirt for your feelings for Sir Martin. Buy Now

3. The Many-faced God wants you to have this. Buy Now

4. For now your “…watch begins”. Buy Now

Use stick-ons for every time a character dies in GoT?

5. These amazing bookmarks make their deaths look better. Buy Now

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Apart from being GoT goodies, you know what’s the best part about the stuff above? You can pay for them with your very own MobiKwik Wallet.

Until the next time you hear the ‘Song of Ice and Fire’ and watch your favourite characters die, recover from the twists of Season 5 with these goodies.

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