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5 Reason why SuperCash is better than regular cashback

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Cashback will never be the same again with the introduction of the mightier SuperCash. It is more powerful, makes your transaction delightful and is here to stay. Here’s why we think SuperCash is much better than the regular cashback


  1. You can use SuperCash in every transaction

Unlike cashback, SuperCash can be used in every transaction you make. No more accumulation of cashback in your wallet. With SuperCash – You Earn, You Burn!


  1. The earnings will be bigger and better than ever before with killer offers

MobiKwik is launching SuperCash with mega offers. Bigger offers will give you so much more…


  1.      Save more money

Gone are the days when you could use cashback only after you have exhausted the money in your wallet. SuperCash is now used in every transaction before you spend any money from your available balance.


  1.    Transact with over 3 million Merchants



  1. Mega Offers + Bigger Saving = Happier You

With huge offers and mega savings, you’ll earn and save more money!

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