Celebrating International Women’s Day

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This Women’s Day, MobiKwik wants to let all women know that making a choice is not a luxury or an ability that has to be earnt. It is everyone’s right to make decisions for themselves and not for anyone else.

Mobikwik has made an effort through a film to reinforce the fact that choices a woman makes are her own and nobody else’s. The film is lead by strong women from different age groups, who share advises to their younger self.

MobiKwik Honouring Women & Their Choices

Advice to my younger self..Lead by strong women from different age groups, here's MobiKwik honouring women & their choices. What advice will you give to your younger self? #HonourWomen #MobiKwik

Posted by Mobikwik on 7 मार्च 2017


The film reinforces  that a woman needn’t be ‘told’ about what choices she can take, she can make her own choices. MobiKwik takes pride in leading this initiative to make women aware that sky is the limit.

Happy Women’s Day!


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