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5 Signs You Are Obsessed With Your Smartphone

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If you go a decade back from today, you will find that mobile devices were only used for making and receiving calls. Who knew that most of our lives will be occupied by this small device? Our generation is getting obsessed with smartphones and it has become one of those guilty pleasures you just cannot escape, no matter how hard you try.

You say you ain’t obsessed with your smartphone? Here are 5 Signs to prove otherwise.

You check your phone the first thing in the morning

And the last thing at night. Don’t you? We are so obsessed with our phones that as soon as we wake up, we check our phones. Some see it to check the time (as if there are no wall clocks at all), some pick it to snooze, some pick it to see whether there has been a notification from one of the social accounts, and some have no reason at all; they just have to check their phones.

You feel downhearted when you don’t see a notification after a long break without your phone

Those long meetings or family dinners without any peeks into your phone make you feel ill. The idea of leaving your smartphone for repair at the store makes you go, “I am sorry, I can’t do that.” And then when you finally look at your phone after a long while and there is NO notification, you are dejected. That is smartphone obsession.

Low battery freaks you out

Does that red blinking light freak you out? You are obsessed with your phone. A dead battery makes you feel vulnerable and as soon as your phone’s battery starts to die out, you start looking for options to charge your phone. Why? Because what on earth are you supposed to do without a phone?

You never forget to take your phone along whereas you might forget food or water

And when you do, you lose your mind! We care lesser about our food and water intake than our social media or internet intake. Accidentally leaving your phone at home makes you feel like you have done the biggest mistake of your life. You ain’t as worried about your wallets as you are about your phones. A lost wallet is okay but a lost phone isn’t!

You use your phones as alternative to wallets

Of course! Why would you be worried of lost wallets if your mobile is your real wallet? Seriously, these cool mobile wallets like Mobikwik have made life so much easier for you. (You just thanked us in your mind, right?) If there is one thing you never forget to carry, it’s your phone and even when you are literally penniless you are never short of money-Virtual money! Bingo!

Can you relate to any of these? You are an official smartphone addict if you do!

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