5 things you can e=relate to if you are frquent bus traveller

5 Things You Will Relate To If You Are a Frequent Bus Traveler

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Life is all about expecting the unexpected and traveling adds extra value to it. Traveling through a bus is fascinating to experience, and only a frequent bus traveler knows this fact quite well. Knowingly or unknowingly, a frequent bus traveler often encounters the situation when he/she have to make the last minute heroic acts. But, you would agree that these moves make traveling even more thrilling.

Just take a glimpse at this interesting life-quote

“Ups and downs in life are very important to keep us going, because a straight line even in an ECG means we are not alive” – Ratan Tata (Industrialist – India)

Therefore, those brave moves are pretty necessary to maintain the excitement level. Being an Indian, we grew up watching Bollywood movies, and you would agree that heroism exists in our genes, seriously! For this, we can proudly give this credit to Bollywood for constantly inspiring us to make such courageous moves. We have mastered the art of getting last minute deals whether movies, hotels, traveling, and others. Things, like planning at the last moment and getting the tickets booked successfully make bus trip even more exciting for you and your companions.

Let’s check out the five exciting experiences that a frequent bus travelers experience.

Making Sudden Plans

A frequent bus traveler loves doing things at the last moment, isn’t it? Sudden plans are pretty common with frequent bus travelers but believe or not, it is something that takes the excitement to a whole new level. However, MobiKwik welcomes all better late than never travelers who love to get last minute deals.

Getting a Window Seat

Grabbing window seat gives the feeling of achieving something great especially when it has been grabbed at the last moment. It gives a proud feeling and an opportunity for a traveler to boast about his/her traveling experience in front of companions. Be a smart traveler and use MobiKwik to grab your favorite seat in simple four steps:

  • Plan travel by entering from and to – to check the possibility
  • Pick bus – see information like price, departure, duration, AC/Non-AC, and others.
  • Pick seats – Choose the seat you want
  • Make payment – to finalize the deal

Rushing To Catch the Bus

As we asserted at the beginning of this write-up, we never drop a single chance to show our heroic moves. Frequent travelers have a habit of making sudden plans, and if we talk about their punctuality, they are just awesome. They always rush to catch the bus right at the last moment. Anyways, these brave acts make traveling electrifying.

Enjoying Meal at Local Dhabas

Whenever a passenger travels on a long route distance, bus often stops at local restaurants and Dhabas. The opportunity of tasting local foods is yet another brilliant experience for a traveler when one gets to eat various kinds of famous lavish foods.

Enjoying Late Night Rides On Free Highways

Traveling at late nights is the most pleasing experience of its own kind, and only a seasoned traveler can tell you how it feels. Late night when highways get free, buses often run at faster speed and most of the times, it happens when you do not fall asleep and enjoy the serenity while traveling.

Final Words

All the points mentioned above are certainly the things that a frequent bus traveler can relate to. We hope you enjoyed reading it. Also, we suggest you to use MobiKwik if you love to get last minute deal in style.

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