Ace your virtual interview in COVID times!

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In this tough time amidst pandemic, many companies have decided to freeze hiring. The job opportunities are few and so it is critical to leave a positive impression in the one-on-ones. The interviews may not be the conventional ones any more, so don’t get overwhelmed if you are called for a video interview with the CEO! We have your back! 

Here are a few useful tips for you to stand out!

  1. Pick a good spot: Find a quiet, private, well-lit place which is free from interruptions. Do not forget to test run the call with a decent background.
  2. Tech Check: Check your internet speed, camera/ audio quality and make sure your device is fully charged. 
  3. Action speaks: Sit up straight, smile and make eye contact. Avoid frequent hand/ body movement while speaking. Your body language tells a lot about your personality.
  4. Dress to impress: Decide your attire well before. Prefer a light colored, simple attire that does not pose any distraction.
  5. Pen it down: Be ready with your resume, a notepad and a pen on your desk for any clarification or answer to a small assignment that the interviewer may seek. 
  6. Do your homework: Research about the company thoroughly and be aware of the latest updates, achievements and projects. If possible, present your own suggestions for brownie points. 

There are chances when things could go wrong in the middle. Here are some backup plans you can be ready with:

  1. When outside noise interrupts the conversation, apologize for the interruption, take a pause, ask for a few minutes and then continue.
  2. When someone enters unexpectedly, take the permission from the interviewer, turn off the microphone and camera to deal with the interruption. 

No matter, which role and company you are being interviewed for, a positive attitude always helps. Make a great first impression as it is your moment of opportunity. Follow these tips, feel confident and ace your interview.

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