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An Idea Will Change The Lives of Andhraites

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It is simply beyond belief! Andhra Pradesh would soon face a sea change in the next few days. Another IT hub of a similar kind as Karnataka is Andhra Pradesh. Andhra Pradesh has emerged as one of the most well known and reputed IT Centers in the country. It consists of a plethora of IT Software exporters in the entire state. It also forms one of the most famous industrial centers in Southern India.

Idea Cellular, one of the pioneers in service providers for Mobile Phones in India and headed by the Birla Group has brought out one of the most innovative packages for the residents of the state.

Idea Cellular has come out with an attractive range of GPRS packages for widespread use in the state. These packages are smart packs and are bound to gain immense popularity.

Some of the packages introduced are worthwhile as the amounts involved are practically nothing.

A Idea subscriber receives 2.0 GB of data usage free of cost for a period of one month for as little as Rs. 96/-. Post free usage of data will cost as little as Rs. 0.02 paise per 10 KB of data usage.

If a person pays an amount of Rs. 152/-, he will be allowed to browse the internet absolutely free of cost for a period of a week.

However, if someone desires to use the internet for a period of a fortnight, he is required to pay only Rs. 323/- which is quite reasonable for every Idea user.

With such fabulous offers coming in, there is going to be a riot in the state.

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