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Be your own Cyberspace Security Guard

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If you are a regular user of digital payment wallet, you must be aware of how crucial OTP is in your online payments. However, today we are talking about how crucial it is to keep your OTP a #Secret

Allow us to introduce you to the new kinds of cyberspace fraudsters; 

The Pseudo Verification Officers! 

Phishing call is a criminal practice of gaining access to confidential information of people over a fake phone call. Such fraudsters may act as a verification officer, customer care executive or others and seek your MobiKwik password or OTP. Know that any person associated with MobiKwik or any legal verification officer will never ask for your OTP or any other confidential information. 

The Exciting Spammers!

We bet your SMS and Email inboxes are filled with messages promising you unbelievable prizes, rewards, international trips and what not!? If any such message asks for your MobiKwik registered number and OTP to send you the rewards, Bamm! It’s a Spam! 

The Helpful Con mans! 

If somebody offers you to help you understand how to make/ receive payments on the digital payment platforms and asks you for OTP and other credentials or details, walk away! There is no query that can’t be addressed by our support team. 

So here’s the bottom line, 

Never share your OTP with anyone claiming to be a verification officer, a MobiKwik customer care executive, a bank employee or a MobiKwik agent. None of the mentioned parties will ever ask you for your OTP. The OTP received by you during a payment is for your one time use only. If you ever receive an SMS, an Email or a Phone Call asking for your OTP, do not engage in the conversation and instantly notify our customer support team here which will take necessary steps.

So, Be smart, Be Kwik, Be Safe 🙂

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  1. Haresh Busha

    September 13, 2019 at 4:08 pm

    Very good service


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