Beware Friends – It’s #PaybackTime

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We all love our friends, no matter how irritating or annoying they are. They are the ones who are with you no matter what. Amidst a group of friends, there are a few, who always need some help in one way or another. Then there are others, who by just being who they are make you smile and cry at the same time. Though their needs are not that big, or their characteristics not that off, but sometimes you just feel like getting something in return, just for tolerating them.

It’s true that these friends make life hell for you sometimes and that’s why you love them so much. The time your friend embarrassed you in front of your crush, that’s the reason she is your girlfriend now, isn’t it? The dress that your friend borrowed looks much better on her, and you love that. Now, you must be wondering how to make them payback and why? Well for one thing, you will be giving them one more reason to thank you!  Just refer them to join MobiKwik, and you can earn up to ₹5000. If they join and add ₹20 in their wallet, both of you will get  ₹100. That’s kind of sweet revenge!


Here’s a list of types of friends who you want a thank you from and make them payback:


Friend who’s always hungry

He finishes his food and then steal your food off your plate.


A friend who always look good

You don’t want to look at the pictures with them, they always look stunning!


A friend with funny laugh

He will make sure to embarrass you especially in a public place


A friend who’s always 5 mins away

He is the one who makes you wait and wait.


A friend who’s always over-excited

He will laugh too hard and hop all around for no reason


A friend who always borrow stuff

He can’t stay without your stuff, no matter what they have.


A friend who gives gyaan

Every conversation with him turns into a philosophical lecture


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