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MobiKwik Shopping

Can MobiKwik Make Your Shopping More Satisfying?

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Shopping online and in an actual store has never been so easy or fun. The need to carry a wallet stuffed with cash and cards has been rendered extinct by MobiKwik.

MobiKwik Wallet helps you make an easy and secure transaction. While at the check-out counter, the user can choose the preferred method of payment.

Why A Digital Wallet?

With information technology what it is today, isn’t carrying physical cash or issuing checks for financial transactions too bulky?

When the smartphones have been accepted as our means to connect to the world in both the professional as well as personal way, why are we still hesitating to conduct e-commerce transactions through it?

Choose to be smart, and opt for an e-wallet!

How Do I Start?

In few simple steps, you will be ready to being your shopping expedition!

  • Load the MobiKwik app on your mobile.
  • Fill it with cash by uploading your credit and debit card details into the application. Bank account details can be added as well.
  • Also, funds can be transferred from your account to be the e-money in your e-wallet.

And you are good to go!

Shop With MobiKwik

Simply select a mode of payment once you are ready to pay for your purchases. It can be through either of your cards or the e-cash in your online wallet (Check out where all MobiKwik is accepted).

After that, present the mobile to the counter for scanning of the barcode or enter the transaction pin. The payment is made immediately and safely into the merchant account!

Keep a Track

MobiKwik lets you keep track of your purchases by saving your receipts and sending them to you through text or email.

So, next time you go shopping, don’t forget to carry the MobiKwik wallet with you!

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  1. Karik

    October 19, 2016 at 10:43 am

    I’m imeesrspd you should think of something like that


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