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Why A Light Pocket Doesn’t Always Mean No Money

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How many things do we carry in our pockets daily? A set of keys, mobile phones, and the omnipresent: wallet; carrier of our memories, identification, and earnings. What would happen if we stop carrying it anymore?

No need to panic! Your pocket would be lighter and less attractive to a pickpocketer! How you may ask? The solution is simple: adopt mobile wallets.

Defining Digital Wallet

Mobile wallets like MobiKwik are safe and secure. A user can use it for countless online and offline transactions. It saves your transaction history and helps you keep a track your spends. You can even convert your Payback and Loyalty points into cash and use it recharge, bill payment or shopping.

Know More About e-Wallets

It is an app that needs to be downloaded on your smartphone. Once you have uploaded the necessary information and filled your digital wallet, it eliminates the need to carry a physical one.

It enables you to conduct physical payments without having to pay through hard cash or a credit or a debit card.

Digital Wallets In e-Commerce

Encryption software used to secure the financial information of the user of an e-wallet, provide unhackable passwords.

For making payments, you just need to scan your smartphone or enter a pin number, to pay through e-cash.

Advantages of an e-Wallet

Mobile wallets are a boon to the user as well as the merchants.

  • It is quick and secure method of payment,
  • It allows for fast movement of goods, and
  • It helps users to transact at limitless stops for their daily and occasional needs.

We are here to make everyone’s life easy and safe. With different types of services available at our platform for a different type of user, spending a large amount of e-cash won’t be felt burdensome anymore.

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