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Celebrate Your Band Of Brothers

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The Beatles made the line “I get by a little help from my friends” famous. That’s because they tapped into an emotion we all feel for our friends—that they make our life complete, and adulating is a little easier with like-minded friends around. This International Friendship Day, which is on August 6 (a Sunday!), take your friends and your MobiKwik e-wallet out. Here’s how you can earn SuperCash while celebrating your bonding!

Hang Out With The Gang

MobiKwik has a whole lot of SuperCash deals going on that you can tap into with your closest buddies this Friendship Day. The options are many—feel like a lazy brunch with friends or a night out on the town? MobiKwik has partnered with some of your favourite restaurants in your city. You can get up to 100% SuperCash at some of them! Make a reservation and whip out your MobiKwik app when paying the bill to avail the offers. You can check out restaurants offers here.

A stand-up comedy show, a play, adventure sports or catching the latest movie—why not take your whole gang along? When you make reservations or buy tickets using your MobiKwik e-wallet, be prepared to see money trickle back into your account with amazing SuperCash offers. You can check out the full range of SuperCash deals here.


The best part? On this Friendship Day, you don’t need to fight about who pays the bills. Simply use your MobiKwik app to calculate what each person owes by split bills feature. Input the names of your friends, and they’ll get a prompt to debit the money from their accounts. All you need to do now is have the time of your life with your best buddies in the world!

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