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#SpotMobiKwik – See, Spot, Win!

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We all love taking selfies—we take them at the coffee shop, at the airport, when hanging out with friends and family, in bed, and on holiday. Won’t it be great if you could win something for taking a selfie? This is why, at MobiKwik, we’ve come up with a reward for one of your favourite things. Now you can win prizes every time you click a selfie with the MobiKwik logo! Here’s how #SpotMobiKwik works:

Selfie Maine Le Li Aaj

We have teamed up with a lot of your favourite global and national brands along with your nearest local shops . Now, every time you drive up for shopping, movie, food etc., try and spot MobiKwik logo. Then, simply get out your phone and click a selfie with the logo. Tag your photo with #SpotMobiKwik and send it to us on our Facebook or Twitter handles!


Now the part that makes it a win for you: One bumper winner will get a Smartphone & Five lucky winners will be rewarded with ₹500 SuperCash. That means, your bill are taken care off! Keep in mind these two things:

Dates: July 13-30, 2017 are the dates for this promotion

Tag It: #SpotMobiKwik should be one of the hashtags on your selfie

So what are you waiting for? Spot the logo, take a selfie with it, and let MobiKwik pay for your fuel!

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