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Complex Choice Presented Before Intelligent but Simple Folks

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Karnataka is a state of simple people. They have the least complications whether it is in the languages spoken in the state or the choices that they make in life. In addition, the same is true for the choices that are provided to them by the largest mobile phone company, Vodafone.

A plan that gives such peace of mind that one doesn’t have to even look at any other plan, is this Vodafone  plan of Rs. 222 which is a full talk time recharge plan. Just recharge and start talking to your heart’s content. It is such a plain and simple plan that it has no built in intricacies nor are there any fine prints to be deciphered. After all, it is very fair that people who do not have a single hangup or complication in their lives get a plan that is as simple as ‘The customer comes in, buys the recharge and walks out with a smile on his face.

However, there is a little twist in the tale. And that twist is provided by another Vodafone refill plan which gives the user full topup of talktime worth the recharge amount of Rs.300. Now with such equally matched offers from the world’s best mobile phone service provider, it becomes really a tough choice to make for any user who enters the shop and plans to, but is not easily able to make this decision of making a choice if confronted between two choices which have more or less the same amount of talktime.

Thus, it would be a great advise for the people of this beautiful state. And that is when u are spoilt for choice close your eyes and imagine Vodafone/Karnataka. It will solve your problems.

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