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ISD Calling Made Easier in Karnataka

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Isn’t it incredible? In fact, it is what each mobile user looks forward to since International calling is the order of the day. Vodafone has made a special commitment to the people of Karnataka by introducing low recharge rates that would not only be reasonable, but convenient in the long run.

With the spiraling increase in the number of callers and the flourishing of Software business in Karnataka, it is simply fantastic. Karnataka is one of the burgeoning IT states and has become an International hub for Software Export. It comprises the largest number of mobile users making international calls to other countries across the world.

It would be interesting to note that the basic factor maintained by the service provider is the validity of the recharge rates. For any entrepreneur, a thirty day period is quite reasonable.

If for a month, the user could call up China and Malaysia at the rate of 9 p/sec and 6 p/sec, at a Vodafone recharge of Rs. 14/-, the users stand to a huge benefit. Another Vodafone recharge plan is for just Rs 17 and voila, you’ll be able to make calls to the US and Canada at just 4p/sec for 30days

However, if the user wants to include Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand along with China and Nepal, what could be better than a Vodafone recharge of Rs. 19/- per month at the rate of 6 p/sec. and at Rs. 7.25 p/min. to Nepal and China respectively? With the augmentation in business in the Gulf region, you could easily call up clients throughout the Middle East, except for Oman at 6.99p/sec  for a month with a Vodafone recharge of Rs.24

The recharge rates being absolutely affordable, what else could anyone wish for?

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