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Vodafone Moves Karnataka on Its Mobile Phones

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Has anyone thought whether it would be easier to access internet on the mobile phone? It certainly would be more convenient rather than getting stuck to the Personal Computer or trudging along with the laptop in a bag. Even using the laptop, you need to sit down and open it to use it.

The mobile phone has become the latest rage from the college-going student to the high profile corporate executive that requires keeping in touch with business. It is a gadget for people on the move carrying their office.

Vodafone has kept in mind the portability of the internet on the mobile phone through GPRS, while bringing out their latest recharge plans for the mobile users in Karnataka.

The recharge plans for the GPRS take a leading edge over other service providers since they tend to bring the internet usage within easy reach of every customer at an affordable price.

For a free usage of 600 MB , the user has to do a Vodafone recharge of  Rs. 16/- which is valid for only 3 days. However, if the user requires to use 4.0 GB of data space over a period of a month, he has to pay only Rs. 95/- to Vodafone.

At times, extensive use of the internet does not suffice and the mobile user requires more data space. In such a case, the user can make a Vodafone recharge Rs. 127/- for 6.0 GB which is also valid for a month.

If wishes were horses, you could ride on them, but this is a wish come true.

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