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Dial-a-Recharge Service now also available on Delhi number.

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Mobikwik.com was the first company in India which has started the Dial-a-Recharge service. It helped thousands of users to recharge their phones while sitting at home or traveling anywhere in India. (http://www.mobikwik.com/DialRecharge.do)

When we  first launched this service, it had only a single number which was a Mumbai number i.e 022-30932093 . As many of our users suggested that we should have one more number so that even if one number is busy they can call to the other number. So in addition to the Mumbai number we have launched a Delhi number as well that is 011-30908686. So that our customers can get their mobiles recharged instantly.

It is to be noted that this particular service is absolutely free of cost, although the normal charges will be applied. If you are in Mumbai, calling 022-30932093 will incur local call charges . Similarly if you are in Delhi, calling 011-30908686 will incur local call charges.

The Dial-a-Recharge recharge service is meant for all prepaid numbers in India. However, one should have enough Mobikwik balance to get their mobiles recharged.  This facility is only available to primary Mobikwik numbers. It means the users have to call using their primary mobile number and they can recharge any ones number after that.

To check your Mobikwik balance, just dial 022-30932093 or 011-30908686 from the primary Mobikwik number and then receive the information about the Mobikwik balance on the IVR itself.

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