Epic Sale For The People Of An Epic Nation

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There is hardly any place in the world where you can experience countless cultures, traditions and feasts. But there’s one such place with many contrasts and contradictions, diverse traditions and customs – our India, which is a little universe in itself. We sure have many problems, but still there is something about our nation which makes us feel proud to be a part of it. Be it majestic hills of Kashmir, back waters of Kerala or white sand dunes of Gujarat, there’s something at every 500 KM to be proud of. Food, languages, religions, dialects, sports, everything is Epic about our India.

To appreciate the greatness of our nation and celebrate the 69th Republic Day, we are back with the Epic Republic Sale. There are various offers for you to save on your daily purchases and a chance to win a trip to South Africa. Yes, you can go and cheer Team India in South Africa and take a friend along. All you need to do is make as many transactions as possible. That’s not all though. Top 3 spenders will get a Royal Enfield each and next top 5 spenders have a chance to win iPhone X. Other than the prizes, there are various offers on grocery, movies, recharge, bus, hotels, etc.  Keep shopping and keep winning!



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