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An open letter to our motherland

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Dear India,

As we are moving towards our 69th Republic Day, we want to salute you for standing strong and giving us the opportunity to be a part of this wonderful spirit called India. It’s been an exciting journey and we’ve come a long way being the longest running democracy in the world. We know that we have a lot of problems, we are still struggling, and we’ve made a lot of mistakes. But between all the negative news and political drama,you’ve gone through, we have somehow forgotten that you as a nation, still stands tall and has much more potential than we think you have.

As Albert Einstein once said, “We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made”. Today, as we stand at the cusp of another year, we want to appreciate all the wonderful achievements in the past decades and recall the moments when we have felt immense pride in calling ourselves ‘Indians’.


We are more educated than ever

We have moved on from 12% literacy rate back in 1950 to a whopping 74% in 2017.


To the space and back

From being the first nation to find water on Moon to successfully launching 104 satellites into a single mission, we have made ourselves proud and have been applauded in the entire world. We are also the only nation to reach Mars in the first attempt.


Getting higher and higher

We are a land of many highs – Highest cricket pitch in Chail, the highest bridge – Bailey bridge in Ladakh, the highest battlefield in Siachen, the highesttea plantation, golf course, petrol pump, ATM, railway line – things we are highly proud of.


Taking over the corporate world

The CEO of Google, Microsoft, Adobe, MasterCard, Cognizant & Pepsico are Indians. Do we need   to say more?


Kabaddi, Kabaddi, Kabaddi

India has won every Kabaddi World Cup – all the men & women Kabaddi World Cups held till date!


Incredible wildlife

We are the only nation to have both Tiger and Lion as a part of our wildlife.


Science Day in Switzerland in honour of a great Indian

May 26th is celebrated as the Science Day in Switzerland because Late Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited Switzerland on that day. A man who never stopped making India proud.


You are Bangalored

A term added in the Oxford dictionary after major IT work was outsourced to Bangalore, India. Make sure to add this word to your dictionary as well.


Taking the world by the storm

It is widely believed that Indians are highly demanded employees the world over. Here’s some interesting statistics to back that –
38% of Doctors in America are Indians.
12% of Scientists in America are Indians.
36% of NASA employees are Indians.
34% of Microsoft employees are Indians.
28% of IBM employees are Indians.
17% of Intel employees are Indians.
13% of Xerox employees are Indians.


Water, water everywhere

We are the only nation that has an entire ocean named after it – Indian ocean.

This Republic Day, we want to thank you and tell you how honoured we are to be called Indians.Anddespite of all the problems, there’s a little bit of India in all of us, which drove us to becomerepublic 68 years ago and to this very day urges us to keep fighting and keep growing.

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