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Fab – Feb to get you in festive mode!

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It’s that time of the year again. The shortest month, when love is in the air and you can see happy faces all around. The pleasant weather is like an icing on the cake. What makes this month more awesome is various festivals across the country to get you in a festive mood. From the deserts of Rajasthan to Goan beaches, we’ve got everything covered that’s happening around this February.


Sniff, Slurp, Savour. Repeat.

Incredible line-up for artists amidst amazing activities like wine tasting, grape stomping, etc., Sula Fest is back for it’s 11th edition. One of the India’s most vibrant festivals, it’s a celebration of fine wine, good music, delicious food and lavishness. The line-up of artists at Sula Fest has been getting bigger and better with each subsequent year! This year as well, expect the unexpected.

When: 3rd – 4th Feb, 2018

Where: Sula Vineyards, Nashik, Maharashtra

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Getting back to the Punjabi roots.

Also known as the Rural Olympics, Kila Raipur Rural Sports Festival is one of the quirkiest, yet exotic event held annually in Punjab. The event welcomes thousands of sportsmen coming here to showcase their strength, valour and will to participate in some of the most bizarre sport activities. Running for eight decades now, this festival is witness every year by 1 million viewers. Apart from activities like Bullock cart race, bike stunts, etc., the festival also hosts various cultural activities by local artists.

When: 2nd – 4th Feb, 2018

Where: 15 km south of Ludhiana, Punjab

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The earth without art is just eh!

Mumbai – the city of finance, fashion and films. But that’s not all this city of dreams has to offer. A hub to great artists, Mumbai hosts Kala Ghoda Arts festival every year in February since its inception in 1999. Right from paintings, sculptures to jewellery, Kala Ghoda showcases every artist in the best light. Film screenings, music concerts, gallery and pavement shows, art exhibitions, literary events, workshops, theatre shows, heritage walks and an amazing food carnival, there’s something for everyone here! It is quite an experience, with food stalls, artisans selling unique wares, artists sketching instant portraits, quirky street art installations and more. This is one event, you should not miss!

When: 3rd – 11th Feb, 2018

Where: Kala Ghoda Arts Precinct, Fort, Mumbai

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Mirror, mirror everywhere

A stupefying bonanza of vivid art & craft, music and dance, colourful ambiance, ethnic cuisines, and an immersive cultural ethos – Yes, we are talking about the Surajkund Mela 2018 that is waiting to blow your mind yet again! Occupying a place of pride on the international tourist calendar since 1987, the fair observes more than a million visitors every year, thousands of which are foreign tourists. Getting more and more attractive, fun, and consumer-friendly each year, the Surajkund Mela is not just the best platform for the skilled craftsmen and artisans of India and other SAARC nations to show their talent, but also a wonderful opportunity for the public to learn about their vibrant culture and get to respect the age-old craft that is better than any machine produce.

When: 2nd– 18th Feb, 2018

Where: Surajkund, Faridabad

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The musical city of lakes

Either you are planning a romantic getaway ahead of Valentine’s Day or just want to experience the best of music by artists from all around the world, Udaipur Music Festival is a place to be. Since its inception, the festival has carved a niche by giving a platform to artists across the globe, and binding people from different ethnicity, backgrounds and cultures with music. Where words leave off, music begins — do you, too, find truth in these words by German poet Heinrich Heine? Explore the answer, by experiencing an unforgettable rendezvous at Udaipur World Music Festival, in the Indian city of love — Udaipur.

When: 9th – 11thFeb, 2018

Where: Udaipur

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Colours, Dance, Music, Fun & Beaches

The most amazing thing about Goa is that fun and festivities that begins in December with the holiday season does not stop upon arrival of the New Year but continues up to the celebration of Goa Carnival or the pre Mardi Gras revelry, a tradition that dates back to the arrival of Portuguese in Goa way back in 1510. It’s back this year with more colours and music, so book your tickets to Goa and enjoy the four day festival in different cities that will keep you on your toes all through the festivity. Enjoy the parades, the dances and the Goan traditional music that will keep you energetic and enthralled throughout the show.

When: 10th – 13th Feb, 2018

Where: Various cities of Goa

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Camping in a desert with music all around

A three-day desert camping festival where music, art, cinema, adventure and culture come together, Ragasthan is one of its kind of an experience. The picturesque beauty of the unceasingly carved sand dunes of Rajasthan and the enticing, enchanting Jaisalmer playing host to this fantastic fest- Ragasthan, a four-day cultural festival will feature various artists from varied genres of music, film, art, photography and add to that, scores of outdoor activities! With such talent galore, Ragasthan has a note to hit every ear, around the world under the open sky. And yes, the moon is placed strategically as well- the breathtaking full moon nights!

When: 23rd– 26th Feb, 2018

Where: Thar Desert, Jaisalmer


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