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Get more with Aircel special Pack for Delhi-NCR region

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Aircel special pack  for its Delhi-NCR users comes as a mixed bag full of surprises.

Being in India, what is it that makes us so unique from the entire world? Of course every other country in this world is different, but for India, things are a little bit different. There are not many places on this earth where you have the opportunity to see an overflowing bus or a ‘Jugaad’! People from abroad do get amazed by this sight, but most of them instead of being irritated, praise the tolerance of the people of the country which has brought the country in the podium of a ‘spectacle’. In a country like India, people always search for better options in comparison to what they have. And if it is a mix of everything, you don’t have to ask for celebrations!

Aircel has introduced its special pack  which has a lot of surprises enclosed in it. The Aircel special pack  for Rs. 12 will give you 200 minutes of free talktime for all Aircel to Aircel local calls for a day. After the talktime gets exhausted, the customer will charged with 10 paisa per minute for every call. Also, it will provide with unlimited local Aircel to Aircel SMS. All this for just Rs. 12 and that too for a day! The next one is Aircel special pack for Rs. 19 which offers local Aircel to Aircel calls for 10 paisa per minute from 11pm in the night till 7am in the morning along with 250 local and national SMS for free for a month. What more do you want? Well, if you are not satisfied with it, you have Aircel special pack for Rs. 39 , which allows  you to  call any local Aircel number between 11pm to 7am  at  Re. 1 for every 30 minutes and all STD calls for 50 paisa per minute.

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